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The Storytellers

The Storytellers help large companies improve their performance by using storytelling to engage staff with strategy and change. Behind the scenes there is a lot of complex psychology and science that goes into exactly how they do this and what makes their approach more successful than their rivals. They wanted to communicate this competitive edge to prospective clients without overwhelming them. 

In the ten years since we worked on their initial identity, a lot has changed, including the programme that they take clients on. They had created a basic diagram for this new programme which they call ‘The Storytellers Blueprint for Change’. They wanted this visualised and brought to life in a way that fitted the existing brand look, but also moved it on slightly.

We introduced a triangular grid, inspired by the Greek letter Delta (∆) meaning change. This became the basis for the ‘Blueprint’ diagram and influenced the format of the Programme Guide, the first piece that we have produced in an ongoing project. 

We also introduced illustration to lighten some of the complicated concepts and to portray the humour and fun behind the intelligence of The Storytellers.