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Leisure Plan

Leisure Plan are the sole UK importers, distributors and marketing partners for three high-end, outdoor furniture brands: DEDON, EGO Paris and Fischer Möbel. Historically, they had used the brands that they represented to sell the products but were now keen to raise the profile of Leisure Plan as a brand in its own right, that could offer a complete luxury outdoor lifestyle.

We created a logo to reflect the craftsmanship of Leisure Plan’s products, elegantly fusing both the structural and decorative elements. The logo has two identically-sized blocks to prop up the L and P, and a more intricate band of lines to join them together. 

We also created a house style for their advertisements, brochures and website, to give them a complete, confident new identity, using red as a counterpoint to the muted, minimalist furniture collections. We continue to work on all visual aspects of the brand today.